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BAM Nuttall are pleased to be named the lead partner in a 9 month project, part funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, and working with Iotic and Cranfield University.

In response to a call for ‘increases in productivity, performance and quality in UK construction’, particularly for people working in the operational, site environment, we’re supporting the research and development, and path to growth, of ‘The Learning Camera’.

The Learning Camera is a flexible, scalable solution that allows users to train a standard web camera attached to a computer, linked to an online dashboard. The camera is programmed to recognise a scenario on site and when the content of that view differs then an alert or action is automatically issued so that someone can attend to the situation.

Collaborating with projects and people across the engineering industry, we want to develop a sustainable solution that can be easily applied to multiple uses. It will be designed to be resilient and low cost, and able to operate in a typical construction environment including various weather and environmental conditions.

This project aims to demonstrate how the advancement of technology, coupled with the potential of internet connected devices, can bring benefit to the construction industry - driving safer sites, higher quality experiences for employees and improvements in productivity and results.

UK Construction sites are highly regulated, e.g. in terms of health, safety and environmental matters, and this requires resources to monitor and manage these aspects, throughout the life of a project.

There is pressure on the availability of skilled, experienced construction and engineering professionals across the UK. On project sites, people are often tasked with activities that take time and require little skill.

Technology, applied in the right way, can free people from being involved in these often repetitive, risky activities. The potential to scale the technology, with multiple cameras set up on sites, feeding back to one dashboard and alert system, for controls of a range of equipment and plant.

The proof of concept in the video shows the application on a rail project. The project’s site compressor is located in a constrained space, and requires uninterruptable power supply for the works to be completed on time. The dashboard on the compressor needs checking at frequent intervals to make sure indicators haven’t changed.

Fixing the Learning Camera to read the compressor display panel dashboard, automated alerts notify the project team if a change is registered and the equipment needs attention.

The Learning Camera reduces the need for someone to enter a hazardous zone, saves the team time regularly monitoring the equipment and the need be out on site, in all weathers.